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¿Is there any stain-resistant material?

Synthetic stands out for being easy to clean and care.
There are some treatments like that we call CleanActive that may be applied in production on our materials to make them more stain-resistant. Also our NEPTUN range offers higher resistance, since nano-technology is based on the structural synthesis of the particles and the Nano-ProTec finish manages to optimize the resistance properties of the material like that of repelling dirt.

Anyway, there are difficult stains like that of ballpoint pen or some dyestuff (jeans) for which there is only one material that we can actually consider stain-resistant. It is our SNIPER. Just draw on the material with a pen and you can wipe it clean just using a paper towel or the palm and the mark gets off immediately. Ink stains or indelible pen marks can be directly removed with sanitary alcohol and damp cloth.

Actually because of this temporary protection, we are including in our Cleaning sets some anti-ink compounds that we have specifically developed to treat separately: stains provoked by ink (ballpoint pen) and pen, since their pigmentations are different, and by being organic substances we have achieved some success by not letting them affect the texture neither damage the structure of the material itself, so that they can be used daily on synthetics, fabrics or treated leather.