Pytón proposals committed to your project

Our mission is to provide first quality-products based on a tailored service.
With more than 75 years of experience.
In 1939 we started to build a company which has consolidated itself over the last years as a leading company within the international and domestic markets.

Pytón’s success in today’s demanding and competitive business environment is due to the perfect match of the values we treasure the most: drawing on our experience, delivering our strong commitment to all our clients, by choosing and producing our products with ongoing innovation at best the most reliable quality, at global level, with an international With more than 75 years of experience.

Quality is achieved with the best components for raw material.
From identification of the client’s requirements to the supply, quality is one of the values inspiring and leading the way of working of Pytón’s team. Innovation brings our products into line with fashion trends. In close and continued coordination with trend-setting sources, we try to stay ahead to our clients’ requirements to develop an updated proposal.
Based on the latest and of our own in-house development.
Our product proposal, its quality and the innovation in the development of solutions is key to successfully competing in the demanding markets where Pytón Contract operates. Quality, innovation and service account for the background of our activity areas.
Committed and proficient. We aim to be your partner.
Striving for excellence in the workplace is key to success. Pytón’s whole team is aimed at sustained improvement of the client service, as for quality and processes in order to meet client’s needs.   


Daily efforts of a great team of professionals are oriented towards this end, working together to give their very best.