Como proveedores de materiales para la industria hotelera, en Pytón Contract nos sentimos muy orgullosos de haber sido elegidos por el prestigioso centro de diseño sueco, Living Design, para suministrar las polipieles de alta calidad utilizadas en la renovación de los hoteles Marriott Courtyard en varias ciudades europeas, como Bruselas y Berlín.

As a supplier of materials for the hospitality industry, Pytón Contract is very proud to have been chosen by the prestigious Swedish design centre, Living Design, to supply the high quality faux leather used in the renovation of the Marriott Courtyard hotels in several European cities, such as Brussels and Berlin.

Living Design is a design centre that has become a benchmark in the industry thanks to its extensive experience and knowledge in the sector. In their constant search for quality and excellence, they have demonstrated a great ability to identify and select the best materials for their projects.

Living Design has recently been chosen to carry out the renovation of several Marriott Courtyard hotels. In this project, we have supplied a range of faux leathers that have been specially selected for use in different applications, such as headboards, footstools, the outside of armchairs and the base of the bed.

These are Pytón’s products for Marriott Courtyard

Products supplied include our Bond FR, Delfos FR and Calpe FR lines. All are high quality synthetics that imitate natural leather, making them an excellent choice for the hospitality industry.








In particular, our Bond FR item in the colour Lake has been custom designed for this project and has proven to be a popular choice. As a company, we are very flexible and are committed to working hand in hand with our customers to create customised products tailored to their specific needs.

Living Design’s choice of Pytón Contract is a testament to our experience in the hospitality industry, the quality of our products and our commitment to excellence, and our ability to adapt to the needs of each project. We appreciate the trust that has been placed in us and we will strive to continue to be a reliable and approachable company in future projects.

We thank Living Design for their confidence in Pytón Contract and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Blackouts are one of the most important pieces in hotel interior decoration. Why are they the most important pieces? Blackouts provide a unique harmony to the room and dress the entire interior with the same line. Also, blackouts manage to preserve the privacy of the guests. In other words, it is both a functional and aesthetic element in interior design.

Different types of curtains?

Plain curtains, Venetian blinds, sheer curtains… There are many types of curtains! If you have ever been in the position of having to choose the material and type of curtain for the design of an interior space, you have certainly explored various options.

In the case of hotels and resorts, one of the most popular options are blackouts. This option allows you to effectively block out all light. At the same time, by adding texture, it creates design and avoids the need for two curtains.

What do blackouts look like?

Blackouts need to be sufficiently opaque to prevent any light from filtering through. This can be achieved with different methodologies. On the one hand, by adding a blackout to a fabric and then adding a resinated acrylic on the back.  Or the latest technology, using a darkening agent between two fabrics.

The new blackouts from Pytón

At Pytón we have a new item in our 100% blackout collection. We have developed the Miami blackout. Following the line of development of blackout with two-sided fabric we have gone a step further, putting combinations of different fabrics.

This allows for a lighter, cooler and even reversible composition. Like the rest of our Miami range of curtains, it is a double width product (2.8 metres), flame retardant and washable.

Advantages of the Pyton Miami blackout

  1. Versatility: Pyton’s Miami blackout has the peculiarity of having two sides. Play with our range of greys, ochre, blue and beige depending on the design requirements of the space.
  2. Colourful: dare in your design with our colour contrasts, beige-ochre, grey-blue intense… The same blackout can transport you to different atmospheres.
  3. Freshness: its light linen effect design and its warmer reverse side is the combination that your space needs.

What are winter trends in interior design? What lines are going to mark hotels and restaurants decoration?

Design and interiorism need to constantly be renewed. During winter, our mood and desire change. We do not want to spend every evening out and we prefer to stay in and intimacy.

At this point of the year, interior designers and decorators in the hotel industry face the same questioning: How do we adapt our space to this situation?

This winter is an opportunity to shine again

On 2023 new years eve, we can assume the exceptional situation has finished. This winter is a unique opportunity to shine again.

This sector hopes to regain momentum to the pre-covid era. In fact, the vestiges of this recovery have already begun to be seen this summer. Hotel occupancy  in Europe during August was only 10% lower than in 2019, according to Hosteltur.

3 interior design trends for this winter

Pytón’s proposal for the contract sector this winter season consists of bringing the warmth of the Mediterranean to the receptions, rooms and lounges of hotels all over Europe. That is why our proposal will be in line with these 3 trends.

Warmth in the curtain

Is there a sensation that evokes the resurgence better than pulling back the curtains on a winter morning? Pytón’s proposal is the Damasco FR one-piece blackout curtains. The main characteristic of these curtains is that their velvety effect gives the sensation of warmth that is necessary at this time of the year.

Uncover your daring side

This winter will be the ideal time to uncover your most daring side in interior design. From Pytón, our proposal is to fill the spaces with natural furs and fabrics. Specifically, BovinoNormandy Tricolor is a cowhide that is perfect for upholstery and carpets.

Let’s dress up interior spaces with elegance

This winter, interior design will have a common note: elegance. For this reason, Pytón proposes our Kenya Faux Leather, a product with a vintage look that simulates a worn leather. It is ideal for hotels and restaurants. A material that identifies with that of a Chesterfield armchair, an icon of an era and a recreation of elegance and comfort.

Pytón will participate in HIX Event London, one of the main interior design events in the hotel sector. Pytón will take the opportunity to present our collection of products and materials.

What will set the trend in interior design in the coming months? What do guests expect to find in their experiences in hotels and leisure spaces?

We’ll be discussing and learning about all of this at HIX Event London on November 17th -18th. We’d love to be able to greet you in person, so please feel free to request your ticket and arrange a meeting with us.

If you would like a ticket for the event, you can apply here.

What is HIX Event London?

HIX Event London is Europe’s leading hotel design and interior design event. In the last edition, HIX Event London welcomed more than 3,200 guests and 130 exhibitors. It is an ideal space for the entire community of interior design professionals in the hospitality industry to meet, discuss and network.

Pytón and HIX Event London

Pytón will present its proposal of contract materials for this new season. A cheerful, versatile collection with the guarantee that the brand always provides. It will be a fantastic opportunity to greet customers, partners and other industry professionals.

If you want more information about Pytón, you can download it here.

Rustic materials are fashionable. In the field of decoration and interior design, there are certain trends that are marking a stage and that should be followed closely in order to provide a total user experience.

The decoration must converge with emotions and feelings. This new look at rustic material in decoration allows us to transport ourselves to a scenario of comfort and security that is very appropriate in these times of uncertainty that we are experiencing.

Why is rustic material fashionable?

Why is rustic material fashionable? This is perhaps the first question we must ask ourselves. Interior design and decoration have their source of inspiration in current affairs. Partly because in interior decoration, a constant dialogue is sought with the visitor.

Understanding the pulse of society is key to being able to offer interior spaces that truly empathize with the user. The trend for rustic material in decoration was born as a response to an emotional state that seeks to encourage creativity and inspiration.

The pandemic has changed consumer behavior

After more than two years of the global pandemic, the general feeling in society is that of wanting to feel every moment, enjoy the little things and live intensely daily. When it comes to interior design, this translates into achieving spaces that allow you to enjoy the simple in an exaggerated way.

According to a study published by Booking, the use of words (worldwide) related to hiking (94%), clean air (50%), nature (44%) and relaxation (33%) have increased significantly since the start of the pandemic.

In fact, according to this same report, more than half of tourists (56%) opt for more rural and unusual experiences to immerse themselves in nature. In the field of decoration, rustic material makes it possible to combine this consumer demand of betting on a natural environment without sacrificing comfort.

Back to the origin

In Spain, rural tourism experienced a year-on-year growth of +20% last summer, according to El Correo. When the -increasingly close-revival of tourism arrives, it will be crucial to have interior spaces in which this natural and simple environment can be breathed.

In the same way, pastel colors and rustic materials will also rule in decoration. Specifically, the Very Peri color (a purple with bluish tones) will be the star of this season. The interiors will lead us to autumnal settings in which we can relax and boost our creativity.

Pyton at the forefront of rustic material decoration

At Pyton, we do not live oblivious to this new trend in decoration. It is for this reason that we offer our customers a collection of products with a strong influence of rustic environments.

These two novelties in curtain proposals will help you draw a design for your interior spaces full of safety and well-being. Find out how you can dress your spaces with the best fashion style.


The Very Peri color (Pantone 17-3938) has been chosen as the trend color for this 2022. It is a dark magenta color with certain bluish tones. This color promises to encourage a “spritely, joyous attitude,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of The Pantone Color Institute.

“The courageous creativity and imaginative expressions” that inspire Very Peri have been some strong arguments for selecting this color as the Pantone trend of the year. Like every December, the Pantone Color Institute selects the shade that will set the trend for the year.

Why is Very Peri the trend color of 2022?

This organization analyzes the state of mind of society and the trends in the different sectors and proposes a trend color that matches perfectly with the feelings and needs of citizens.

The Pantone Color Institute’s choice of a trend color for the year marks the lines in interior design. For those spaces that are looking to update their style, taking into account what is in style is essential to stay ahead of the curve.

After more than two years of the pandemic, Very Peri (Pantone 17-3938) transports us to a stage of innovation and vitality. Very Peri manages to “reflect what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for” said Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.

What is Very Peri?

The landscapes of Provence, the breeze of the most rural Mediterranean, the relaxing smell of lavender… The colors inspire sensations and evoke scenes in us. It is for this reason that, for designers, interior designers and architects, it is crucial to understand what the pulse of society is in order to offer spaces that are in accordance with their needs.

Design and interior design is no stranger to today. We are going through a global situation marked by the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. We have become more introspective, and we have an -increasing- need to find what motivates and excites us.

The Very Peri color seeks precisely to arouse these sensations. The combination between blue and magenta gives us a happy and lively feeling that stimulates us to find that courage to create so necessary in the current context.

What emotions does the Very Peri color inspire?

For interior design and decoration of spaces, understanding the semantics of this color allows us to provide our spaces with unique emotions. If we take each color that makes up the Very Peri separately and analyze the color psychology, we will obtain a profile of what Very Peri is capable of communicating:

Pyton helps you dress your interior spaces with Very Peri

Colors play a fundamental role in our lives. They condition us -consciously or unconsciously- and predispose us to show emotions or communicate sensations. At Pyton we are very aware of the needs and trends of the market. For this reason, we offer our customers a wide range of products colored with Very Peri.

Very Peri invites us to explore our limits. From Pyton, this pantone inspires us with a “galactic” and daring look that proposes us to advance bravely towards unknown scenarios with the aim of enhancing our creativity and ingenuity. Using this color in interior design and decoration will help communicate that concern for knowledge in your spaces.

We have gone through a period that has lasted for more than two years in which instability has marked the pulse of society. It is for this reason that architects, interior designers and designers must make an effort to communicate sensations that evoke a state of appropriate optimism.

Very Peri colored curtains

Ideal velvet curtains to provide that much-needed intimacy and fragrance for interior spaces. Dress your interiors with an elegant curtain that is up-to-date.

Upholstery and fabrics color Very Peri

Whether they are furniture, sofas or armchairs. You need everything in your spaces to breathe the same harmony. Color is the perfect argument for everything to convey the same message.

Very Peri colored synthetics

Synthetic is a very grateful material since it offers good performance without implying very careful and constant maintenance. It is an ideal material for decoration in hotels and other crowded spaces.

Pyton helps you dress your interior spaces with this season’s trend color. Contact our specialists team and find out how you can dress your projects with this trendy color.

Once the most critical moments of the pandemic and its repercussions on the paralysis of economic activity have been overcome, it is time to gradually resume the calendar of meetings between tourism companies, interior design professionals and textile suppliers. International trade fairs are the best opportunity to share the novelties, advances and trends that will be the protagonists of the coming seasons.

Good atmosphere and optimism are the stars of the resumption of the trade fairs.

As a perfect thermometer to measure the intensity with which the reactivation of a sector particularly affected by the lack of mobility and the restrictions experienced worldwide during the last year is undertaken, the fairs are the push we all needed. Let’s not forget the intimate relationship we have with tourism in all its variants, from restaurants to hotels or large cruise ships.

For companies like Pytón it is a priority to participate in person in these international professional meetings, because there is no more direct and effective way to meet the needs of customers. In addition, for designers and interior designers it is also an excellent opportunity to discover the exceptional qualities of the products.

The benefits of participating in this type of event were already known and valued very positively by the participating companies. However, at the fairs that are taking place during 2021, and which have served as a first contact, the most significant thing has been the unanimity with which everyone highlights the impetus with which this reactivation has been undertaken.

Resilience, a key element in the recipe for reactivating activity

The empathy between the different professional sectors and the resilience shown by the sector are key to the reactivation of trade fairs on an international scale.

Events such as the HDE Hotel Design Fair in Benidorm, held on October 5, 6 and 7, are a clear example of the beginning of this hopeful new stage. As for our own perceptions after attending this prestigious event, they follow the same exciting line.

We have resumed collaborations with important representatives of the hospitality sector, already immersed in the recovery of projects. In this update of the interior design of their establishments, they have shown special interest in Pytón’s CONTRACT fabrics collection. Functionality, high quality and durability are among the qualities they have valued the most.

The customization proposals have also been very well received, especially the leather-replica.

Upcoming fairs on Pytón’s calendar

Important trade fairs have been held in 2021, such as the aforementioned HDE or the HI Design event, which took place in Madrid last September. However, experts agree that it will be the calendar for the first half of 2022 that will really make the difference.

Upcoming events to be attended by Pytón

Among the events marked in our agenda, there are two essential appointments to which Pytón has confirmed its presence: Cruise Ship Interiors in London and Heimtextil in Frankfurt.

On the one hand, as a finishing touch to 2021, we will attend the Cruise Ship Interiors in London, scheduled for December 1 and 2, 2021. This is the only European event devoted entirely to cruise ship interior design. A particularly interesting appointment on this occasion, since companies dedicated to cruise ships are among those that have suffered most intensely from the lack of activity as a result of the health crisis. The interior design of the ships has become obsolete after this time of paralysis of travel, so they urgently need an immediate renovation.

And to kick off the new year with full energy and positivity, the Heimtextil in Frankfurt from January 11 to 14, 2022, this time under the motto “Feel textiles offline”. This International Trade Fair for Home and Contract is a unique space, bringing together the most diverse and innovative exhibition of products and trends in the interior textiles sector. The organizers of this event themselves send out a very optimistic message by pointing out that the possibility of establishing international contacts is greater than ever.

All framed in a very promising scenario for the immediate future of this activity in which converge actors as varied as retail and wholesale textile suppliers, hotel and catering companies, furniture or bedding stores, and, of course, interior designers and architects.

At Pytón we join this hopeful spirit by contributing the best we have: our leathers, synthetics and fabrics for interior design. Innovative products, which were created considering the latest trends and the needs of each client, since we have a personalized consulting service in which we take care of all the details that allow us to shape an idea.


Hotel group Hard Rock chooses Pytón to dress the guestrooms interior of the first establishment that opens on the peninsula (after opening in Ibiza and Tenerife). In this project -in which synthetic SAVANA FR colour ROYAL of Pytón has been used- it has been sought to harmonize spaces to provide a unique experience to the guests of the hotel.

The product used in this project is a vibrant blue color that revitalizes and gives the necessary rock & roll to a space as emblematic as this. With this collaboration, Hard Rock has managed to paint the interior of its hotel with the quality and practicality of Pyton’s products.

Savana FR Royal colour is dressing spaces with the blue of the Atlantic

It is likely. To make a difference in hospitality you need to make your guests fall in love by paying attention to every detail. That is why it is so important to go for materials that bring together quality, style and durability.  This has been (and continues to be) Pytón’s raison d’être for over 80 years.

Pytón’s synthetic Savana FR colour royal has been chosen. The décor of the room is reflecting the depth of the Atlantic by the blue dressing. This material has been designed to offer a sensory experience to recall the wildest coastline.

Sight, touch and smell will lead hotel guests towards an atmosphere full of energy and light. This material is perfectly suitable for hospitality as it combines style with durability and easy cleaning.

Savana FR is recommended both for upholstery in common areas and guestrooms. Savana FR is not afraid of the hectic activity in hotels and provides with comforting cleanliness and freshness.

A major project

Hard Rock Hotel in Madrid is a 4-star hotel complex with 161 rooms. It opened its doors in summer 2021 and is located in one of the most central areas of the city of Madrid (Ronda de Atocha, very close to Reina Sofía Museum and the Art Triangle).

Hotel group commitment is focused on offering an alternative to tourists that visit the Spanish capital and look for a “rogue” concept (without giving up comfort) when they stay in Madrid. Music is the theme both in the interior design and in the services that Hard Rock Hotel in Madrid provide.

Thus, rooms are equipped with free music channels, premium stereos and a Fenderguitar rental service. It also has a spectacular rooftop with 360º views of the city. A delight for music lovers who want to enjoy Madrid from a different perspective.

Pytón has extensive experience in hospitality and the material used here is designed to meet the needs of the sector. Among the projects in which the company in Barcelona has collaborated: Hotel W (Barcelona), Mayfair Townhouse (London) or Drawing Hotel (Paris) stand out.