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Leather, Fabrics and Accessories.
For Leather Goods
Bags, belts, wallets and purses… nowadays accessories are a basic part of any fashion collection. There is a certain tradition when it comes to accessories based on the sophistication of the design and the fine materials used. Classic or avant-garde, they are present in all fashion catalogues and are an essential part of any wardrobe. The range of leather goods features a natural fusion of fine and classic leather materials with avant-garde proposals and trends for the winter season. At Pytón we have the know-how; something which is clear from the goods we offer.
For Clothing
Leather garments show increasingly more novel aspects with new features and a marked tendency towards differentiation. Although the styles may differ, they share the classic elegance of a traditional garment and, in terms of materials, show a move away from the classic nappas or double face. The metal fittings also form an essential part of the design of the garment. Pytón offers a classic line in clothing which combines basic materials with the most avant-garde and current trends.
For Footwear
Footwear plays a fundamental role in defining personal style. A personal note is sought from the most classical to the most avant-garde styles. Smooth and engraved leathers, a combination of both and an assortment of other materials ensure an increasingly varied range. Pytón, which began as a supplier of leather for footwear, reflects a sense of both the timeless and the avant-garde through its products.
For Upholstery
Our professional staff studies the market thoroughly before they find the most suitable product that will mark a style and set a trend on the interior design and decoration areas.

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